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.:::::: Esta es mi galería, disfruten de ella::::::.
.:::::: This is my gallery, enjoy it ::::::.
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Take a look at my scraps, you might find some other interesting stuff.


Razor Irran Zyrak.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm the founder of :icondragonesmx:

Yo NO dibujo / I do NOT draw:

Estilo Spyro / Spyro style.
Inflación / Inflation.
Humanos / Humans.
Animales (Depende de lo que pueda hacer) / Animals (Depends on what I can do)
Fetiches raros / Weird fetishes.
My little pony (NOT IN THIS LIFE)
Dragones con ropa (A menos que sea anthro, aunque puedo dibujar accesorios y amuletos) / Dragons with clothing (Unless it's anthro, I can draw amulets and accesories though)


ALSO, for RP (Important)

If you want to RP with me we can, I'm not good at it but I can give it a try BUT I have a single rule, YOU control YOUR character, what happens to it, its actions and behavior and I will control MINE, what happens to it, its actions and behavior.

Paypal: se aceptan donaciones, donations are welcome.


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Please help me to extend my membership, I don't want to let it die, I can't tell my family about my DA.

The balance shown above this message is not my actual balance, I accept any kind of donation, doesn't matter, I would really appreciate it, if you like my art and you'd like to support it please donate.


I only give them to my friends who need them, no offense, I am generous, just don't like random people or people who barely talks to me coming and asking me for them.

Greetings from your friend :iconrazor-zyrak: :iconr4z0r-z:.

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Tagged by: :icondrazzy-the-dragoness:

☆Birth date: November 26, 1990.

☆Last think you drunk: Orange juice.

☆ You were born in: Ciudad Juarez.

☆¿Last call?: My mom.

☆¿Last message?: Phone company.

☆¿Last song you listened?: Belleville.

☆¿Last time you cried?: I don't rememeber.

☆¿Would you come back with your ex? Yes.

☆¿Have you desired to be with someone forbidden? No.

☆¿Have you kissed someone and then you regretted it?: No.

☆¿Have you lost someone special?: Yes, a lot of people, one today. 

☆¿Have you been depressed? Yeah, mostly on the past months.

☆¿Have you been drunk enough to vomit? Yes.

☆¿Have you met someone who was worth it?: Yep.

☆¿Have you been in love?: Yes, a couple of times.

☆¿Have you stopped seing someone?: Yes.

☆¿Do you know someone who has changed?: Yes.

☆¿Have you discovered who your real friends are?: At times.

☆¿you have platonic loves? Yes, I have had them.

☆¿have you kissed someone from your friends on Facebook?: Yes.

☆¿How many people do you know from your list of friends?: No one.

☆¿How many kids do you want to have?: 2.

☆¿Any pets?: None.

☆¿Would you like toi change your name? Nope.

☆¿What did you do on your last birthday? Went to the store with my dad to choose a gift and I drew.

☆¿At what time do you usually wake up?: Around 10-11 AM when I can.

☆¿What were you doing yesterday at midnight? At a party.

☆¿Someone you can't wait for: I don't know now.

☆¿Last time you saw your father? 2 minutes ago.

☆¿Something you'd like to change in your life? A lot of things.

☆¿Your biggest fear? Losing people I care about, which is actually happening.

☆¿Have you spoken to someone without using words? Yes.

☆¿Your real name?: Estefano.

☆¿Last thing you ate? A Sandwich

☆¿Zodiac sign?: Sagitarium.

☆¿What is bothering right now?: A conflict with someone which adds up to other problems I had.

☆ ¿High school? Yes, got out of there 3 years ago.



Tagged by: :iconcameo647:

Choose 1 (or more if you want) of your OC's then let them answer the questions!

Name: Razor I. Zyrak and Nayra Reznik.

1.Who is your crush/lover??? 

Razor: I have liked some dragonesses, most pf them don't give a thing about me, one did and then she left.

Nayra: No one for now, I liked a dragon named Draik but he was interested on someone else.

2.Favorite show/tv-series?

Razor: I like to watch, 1000 ways to die *grins*

Nayra: I don't watch TV,

3.Worst enemy?

Razor: Arsen and my brother Draik... And Euriale, Tetriak, Arkon, Dvorak, Garex, Nostrum, my father... 

Nayra: Arsen, he tried to kidnap me.

4.Worst fear?

Razor: Nothing, anything can get better only.

Nayra: Dying and being caught by Arsen or someone who would want to hurt me.

5. Siblings?

Razor: Draik.

Nayra: None.

6. Favorite color/s?

Razor: Black and red.

Nayra: Golden, blue and white.

7. Favorite place to live?

Razor: Any place as long as it is dark and cold.

Nayra: The mountains.

8. Favorite place?

Razor: The top of a mountain where no one can bother me.

Nayra: The mountains, I already said that... It's peaceful.

9. Who are your friends?

Razor: I don't need anyone.

Nayra: Exedra but she left with Draik.

10. Whats the worst thing you have ever done?

Razor: Exist?

Nayra: I would have liked to kill that dragon who tried to kidnap me but I couldn't and then he came back with more dragons.

11. Last Question! Do ya like cookies?

Razor: Depends...

Nayra: What? A cookie?

  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Videos.
  • Reading: Nada / Nothing.
  • Watching: Tom and Jerry.
  • Playing: Nada / Nothing.
  • Eating: Nada / Nothing.
  • Drinking: Judo de naranja / Oranje juice.

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